Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Effusion? Agony? Ineffable...rhapsodic....I can’t find the right word to describe how I felt right that moment. No, it wasn’t for a moment but seemed rather for the rest of the day or may be until I got another sleep. I’m not sure I welcome that kinda stuffs ‘cause it always make me feel that way. It wasn’t for once but always so.

Would I feel the same way if I hadn’t let you go?

Would it make sense if You knew how I feel now?

No, No, No, it doesn’t matter now,

‘Cause nothing really matters to you, I suppose so.

Albeit the memories of your face still sear me downright.

Indeed, I would love to see your face once more;

Yes, could it be hallucination or something real

I’m pretty sure the cyclic emotion would persist though.

Where Have You Gone?

Tears upon the cheeks

A note in the hands

Staring at the writings

Standing there stunned

I realised that time truly flies

Even if I wish for thousand times

Time would neither come back

Nor would I ever go back to the past.

If this is what Life brings,

When will I ever learn to be strong?

“You are gonna miss me when you flip through it

And this is what matters most....”

Yes, you are right my friend,

You are truly right.

How I wish I could go back

To the time when we were out of fear,

The time when we were together!

I remember we used to be naughty

Out of worries, just like that

Where have you gone?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Time does fly. Seems like it was just a week ago the day that I put my feet on Hyderabad soil, where I was an alien. Looking back on those clueless days of a beginner, it sounds rather absurd. Everything was new, may it be people around me, the way they spoke, the type of food I was offered, or the order of time for almost every schedule.

I still remember the first time I heard the name ‘Gops’. I was wondering what or where was that so called ‘Gops’ when I was told to have meet other Mizos; seniors and batch-mates. Indeed they all were new to me but for an old friend. There it went the first night at Gops where I was so irritated by a swarm of mosquitoes and the chit-chats which I couldn’t follow. Being so sleepy, I had to force myself sat there silent ‘cause I needed to adjust myself adapt the new life-style. I also remember those great deeds my seniors and other new friends have done for me. They may look small and nothing to them yet, they weren’t small for a helpless girl. Indeed, they were great and how kind of them to offer helping hands whenever I was in need. Those days-out, hiking or trekking times were all fun and always sound exciting for a fresh and adventurous person. I know they are always thoughtful. There were times I pestered them with my small problems but I never notice a long-face. I know they are always kind.

Now I am here counting few more days ahead. Having great times with the ‘Atheuneulo’ and struggling side by side with our hectic schedule of classes and internals, I hardly realize bidding farewell to the campus-life is only few days away. I come to admit that two years just fly. Okay, whenever I may be leaving, things I have been learning are imprinted and would always help me face my future-world.