Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Mt. 16:24-26; Tin, Isuan a zirtir tehnenah, “Tupawhin mi zui a duh chuan mahni hreawm pawisa lovin, a kraws puin mizui rawh se. Tupawh a nun humhim duh apiangin a chan anga; tupawh keimah avangaa nun chan apiangin a humhim ang. Miin khawvel a pumin nei sela, a nun chan sisela, a tan engnge saw tang?”
Mt. 10:38; Tupawh a kraws pua mi zuilo chu, ka mi ni tlak a ni lo.
Lk. 14:27; Tupawh mahni kraws pua mizui lo apiang chu ka zirtir a ni thei lo vang.
Lk. 9:23; Tin, amah vekin, mi zawngzawng hnenah, “Tupawhin mi zui a duh chuan mahni hreawm pawisa lovin, ni tin akraws puin mi zui rawh se.

Bible-a kan hmuh ang khan Isua kanzui loh chuan kan nun kan chan dawn a ni a. Isua zui kan duh chuan Kraws putangai a ni. Kraws pu lo chuan Ami nitlak kan ni lo Isuan a tit lat mai.

1. Kraws in a Entir: Thihna. Isua kha Golgotha a krawspu-a a kal khan, tumahin kraws kha ritphur chhinchhiahna (symbolic of burden) ahan ngai lo. 1st century hunlai khan kraws chuan thil pakhat chiah akawk chu chu ‘thihna’ a ni. A tlawm thei ang ber leh na ber, mihring tuar theihtawp a na thihna, thih dan rapthlak ber ah an ngai a ni.
2. Kraws Pu Awmzia: Tunlai khawvelah chuan kraws pu kanhrilhfiah dan a lo dang ta. Thil hreawm, keimahni tih dikloh leh thuawih lohavanga harsatna, lungngaihna leh manganna kan chunga thleng te, taksa chaklohhrim hrim te, mahni inkhawngaihna (self pity) kan tih ang te, kan nuna kanritphurh te hi kraws pu ang ten kan hrilhfiah a. A dik lo a ni.

Kan sawi tawhangin Isua hunlai khan kraws chuanThihna rapthlak ber a entir a. A chhanchu Rom ho khan misual vawrtawp(convicted criminals) ho kha an mahni khenbehna tur an mahni kraws teuh an puttir thin a ni. An tan chuan ‘kraws put’ awmzia chu an thihna tur hmanrua put a,chutah kalkawngah mi nuihsawh leh endawng an kaltlang a tul thin a ni.
Chuvang chuan“I kraws puin mi zui rawh” Isuan a tih khan a tum tak chu thih leh mi teendawng pawh huam a Amah zui a ni (Lk 9:23). Chutichuan kraws pu awmzia chu‘mahni in that, mahni inphat, mahni in thiat’ (dying to self) tihna a ni. (a) Kraws pute chuan thihna lam an pan thina, an thi thin ang hian nunhlui chu thihsan tur kan ni. (b) Inpumpekna tawp akohna a ni.

3. Krista, Kan Entawn Tur: Isua hnungzuia kraws pu tur chuanAmah Isua atanga inzir kan ngai a. Amah kan entawn a ngai a ni.

(a) A in peknavawrtawp
(b) Tuarnakaltlanga thuawihna sang ber
(c) Kraws-a Athihna chuan chhandamana min pe a. A awmzia chu Chhandamna chu Tuarna-aTihfamkim a ni. Chhandam kan nih tawh chuan Isua anga tuarna kan kaltlang angai a ni.

4. Zuitu Nunkawng: (a) Kawng awlsam a ni lo:- (i)Kalsan, chan neih a ngai (ii) Mahni inphat a ngai (iii) Hmun reh, hmun khawhara ni. Kraws ah khan Isuan, “Ka pa, Ka Pathian engahnge mi kalsa” a ti. (iv)Engkim huam a ngai.
(b) Nunna Veka pe a, hmalam chauh pana kalna a ni.: kraws a A thihna chuan Nuna a hringa,min hmangaih avanga thi a nih avangin a Hmangaihna kan chhan let ve nan amahkan zui a ngai a ni. Amah zui tur chuan kraws put a ngai.

5. A nih leh:
(a) Eng hunah nge kan zui ang? – Nitin, englaipawhin. Lk. 9:23 “mahni hreawm pawisa lovinnitin a kraws puin mi zui rawh se” a ti a ni. Kan nuam tih zawng leh duh zawngte kalsan a tul thin ang. Entirnan, thianza hova thil tih nuam ka ti a ni theiamaherawh chu Kohhran emaw in Pathian hminga inpawl hona a neih lai ang techuan chung kan hun chu kan sacrifice vet e angai ang. Tunlai ah games khelh tekan uarin, facebook hmang uar em ema, hla zir ai a lo facebook te, thawhvelehatanga mahni devotion theihnghlih tak a facebook te games khelh te Kraws putnen chuan a rem lo a ni.
(b) Khawi hmunah nge kan zui ang? – khawihmunah pawh. Hmun ral ti, hmunkhawhar, zahthlak kantihna hmunah te. Kristian Vanram Kawngzawh-a Thlemsama ang mai a thlem kan sama, Lungngaihna Chirhdup kan kal kai theihloh chuan awmzia a awm dawn lo a ni.Kristiana anga Chhungte leh thenrual te pawhin an koh let theih loh, harsatnachi hrang hrang leh thlemna chitinreng pawh kal tlang zel a tul a ni.
(c) Engtinge kan zui ang? - Isua khan a hniam lam panin Vanhmun nuam atanga hmun hreawm ber ‘Luruh hmun’ thlengin ama mihrinna khengbetina Pa thu a zawm angin, keinipawhin a hniam lam panin mahni lam thiat zelin kanzui ang. Inngaitlawm te, tlawm zawka tan te a ngai thin. Entirnan, hmun harsakan tihna-ah te kohna hria chuan khawihmun kilkhawr leh hreawm pawh nise.Sacrifice tur tam tak a awm ang. Nula tlangval inngaihzawnna kawngah pawh inhmangaih te tan chuan engpawh in huam ang hian Isua i hmangaih chuan Atanengpawh i huam a angai ang.
(d) Khawi Hmun Thlenga Zui Tur Nge? – A tawp rat thlengin. Thih thlengin. A tawpa kan chan turnen chuan kan kraws put chu tekhin rual a ni lo a ni. Thupuan 2:10-ah kan hmuhkha “Thih thlengin rinawmin lo awm rawh, tichuan nunna lallukhum ka pe ang che.”Hun hreawm leh khirh kan kal lai pawhin kan lawmman dawn tur enrana kal hramhram a ngai a ni.
Harsatna kan tawh lem loh lai, kannun a kal tluan lai chuan Isua zui chu thil har a ni pawhin a lang lo.Amaherawhchu, Amaha kan inpek tak tak leh tak tak loh chu dinhmun khrih-ah alang chhuak thin a ni lawm ni. Nimahsela, chung hunah pawh chuan Thlamuang takaawm turin mamah zuitu te chu min ti. Isua khan hun harsa leh khirh Amah zuituten an paltlang a ngai tih a hre lawk a thlamuan thu min hnutchhiah a nih kha. “Keiinkhawvel ka ngam ta” Isuan a ti (Joh 16:33).

(P.S. Ka sermon sawi hmasak ber a nia chuvang chuan ka post ve duh hrim hrim)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Those Who Are Having PHOBIA, TRYPOPHOBIA

I have a fear of small objects clubbed together. I think I came to know about this kind of fear when I had a bad dream when I was a kid about an insect which moved over my hand and my body. The area where it touched became covered with some kind of shield and clusters. From that onward, whenever I remembered that dream my body became uneasy and began to itch. However I don’t remember it all the time. But when I come across those small insects crawling all together (some people call them ‘Happy family’) I have a sudden irritation. In our campus those kind of insects come out once in a year. The more you try to avoid seeing them, the often you see them. Your eyes will see them even at a corner. I hate it every year when their season comes.

Recently, we discuss about ‘phobias’ and I told my friends about my story and that I don’t know the name given for that kind of phobia. After few days, one of my friends posted it on my Facebook wall the explanation given by a dictionary and the name given to it. I came to know that it resembles my phobia. It is called ‘trypophobia’. From that day, I Google it now and then to see how it is described and to get some suggestion for getting rid of it. However, the more I search, the more I see the pictures and the more I get irritated and get feared. It gets worse every time I see the pictures and see the name. It gets my whole body itchy and I hate it so very much. Most of the people who posted about their stories also seem to experience the same thing that the more they search, the more it gets worse.

I came to a conclusion that if you ever have some kind of fear or irritation or phobias, don’t GOOGLE it, and don’t search for an answer to get rid of it. If you do, you’ll end up like me, getting worse. So, if you don’t want to make it worse, just don’t Google the name anymore. In fact, if you happen to read this from Google there’s no doubt that you have already been Google-ing about trypophobia. I strongly suggest you not to search anything more about it. I just thought it can be the same case like other PHOBIAS too. So stop Google-ing about your phobias.

P.S. I don’t mean to offend the person who told me about the name of my phobia. In fact, I’m glad if this post could help other friends who are looking for some cure for the phobia.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello Again

Blog blog blog…this blog of mine…well, its been more than a year I even visited my blog. I completely lost track of writings and even bloggers. Tonight, or should I say this morning here I am landing from a search of clue for a sermon. Sermon, mmm.. well it sounds so BIG for me because it’s going to be my first ever delivery of any kind of sermon. I was so nervous and I initially refused to accept their request. Nonetheless I thought I cannot escape this kind of thing all the time and time will come when I have to stand in the podium, so I finally agreed to accept the request. I thought I still have sometimes to think of what to deliver. I thought to myself it has got to be ‘something’ since its going to be my first time and I cannot afford to forget this special event. So, I earnestly prayed that He’ll give me something. However, only three more days ahead and still left empty. On the top of that, there are lot of things going on around to steal my mind and body. I finally sat down to prepare at least something. I opened ‘Google’ web page hoping that it would give me some kind of clue for my preparation. I came across one blog which finally make me want to visit my long lost Blog. I doubted I even remember my I.D and password. Lucky, I tapped them correct in my first attempt. That’s how I am now.