Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just Pondering Over 'PROMISES"

I came across a Friendship Card which says that 'he' will be there with 'her' no matter what comes in Life. I'm reflecting on the fact that how life changes with time and those words, consoling words or should I say promising words, became nothing more than just line of words. It doesn't mean that we didn't mean them when we said or gave those words. Somehow life takes us to the unexplored world which turns us to become different person. Life goes on, people change, promises become empty words. 

I used to think its better never to give such words to a friend or a lover because life takes us to different world and such words could only hurt us, disappoint us, upset us when facing the fact that those words are not kept by the one who gave us. They just don't remember or they don't want to? But now I think its always best to give the best at a moment, from our heart if we really mean it. When we couldn't keep it, blame it on LIFE ?. Its better to live at present. That's the best remedy for my disappointment over empty promises.