Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Those Who Are Having PHOBIA, TRYPOPHOBIA

I have a fear of small objects clubbed together. I think I came to know about this kind of fear when I had a bad dream when I was a kid about an insect which moved over my hand and my body. The area where it touched became covered with some kind of shield and clusters. From that onward, whenever I remembered that dream my body became uneasy and began to itch. However I don’t remember it all the time. But when I come across those small insects crawling all together (some people call them ‘Happy family’) I have a sudden irritation. In our campus those kind of insects come out once in a year. The more you try to avoid seeing them, the often you see them. Your eyes will see them even at a corner. I hate it every year when their season comes.

Recently, we discuss about ‘phobias’ and I told my friends about my story and that I don’t know the name given for that kind of phobia. After few days, one of my friends posted it on my Facebook wall the explanation given by a dictionary and the name given to it. I came to know that it resembles my phobia. It is called ‘trypophobia’. From that day, I Google it now and then to see how it is described and to get some suggestion for getting rid of it. However, the more I search, the more I see the pictures and the more I get irritated and get feared. It gets worse every time I see the pictures and see the name. It gets my whole body itchy and I hate it so very much. Most of the people who posted about their stories also seem to experience the same thing that the more they search, the more it gets worse.

I came to a conclusion that if you ever have some kind of fear or irritation or phobias, don’t GOOGLE it, and don’t search for an answer to get rid of it. If you do, you’ll end up like me, getting worse. So, if you don’t want to make it worse, just don’t Google the name anymore. In fact, if you happen to read this from Google there’s no doubt that you have already been Google-ing about trypophobia. I strongly suggest you not to search anything more about it. I just thought it can be the same case like other PHOBIAS too. So stop Google-ing about your phobias.

P.S. I don’t mean to offend the person who told me about the name of my phobia. In fact, I’m glad if this post could help other friends who are looking for some cure for the phobia.


  1. Pain for the sick. I think you might come to know what that mean. Well I don't know whether people are aware about it at the least or not but I think it is worth thinking too. Most people and in your case too think that by trying to avoid things that are not, say, suitable or relevant often don't realise that by trying to do so they indirectly engage in what they want to avoid. In your case, you want to avoid those creatures which you have it already stuck on your mind and you say you want to avoid it? I think our mind has one common deficiency - it won't stop thinking what it already has. So, it might be a solution if you throw those creatures completely out of your mind and start thinking of something else.

  2. Until today I thought I was the only person in the world with that phobia. I didn't even know it was a phobia and that it had a name. I discoverd it watching a Youtube video where a guy speaks about irrational fears and phobias.

    You are right. It gets worse every time I google or even think about it. My body is very itchy for the last three hours.

    It is really horrible and I'm never searching it again.

    1. I'm really young and thougt and discovered the feeling back in kindergarten.. then in 6th grade while looking at a video in science .. it rarely happened I thought it was normal.. then recently on Facebook I posted this is making my scalp itch & got a ton of like then I googled it I'm still itching!! I'm not afraid of it ... I used to be but now it just grossed me out .

  3. HI,
    After I googled trypophobia, I stumbled on your blog. I wanted to cry because I was those pictures and now whole my body itch and I have goosebumps. It feels so uneasy. =((((

  4. Thanks for posting this. I have trypophobia. I just discovered it one hour ago. I feel uneasy, goosebumps, and my skin are all itch and it getting worse after my friend tease me by a picture of ... you know, trypophobia. So i decided not to google it again. I regret it to googled it. I think I'm so gonna puke and I really want to scratching my skin right now. I really can't sleep tonight. So, thanks so much for posting these informations, it really helps me to get rid of it. May God healing our phobia as soon as possible. A lot of thanks ♡

  5. Hello AlL! Unfortunately, I googled trypophobia also and I was sooooo disgusted. I had the feelings you guys discussed: goose bumps, chills, skin crawl. So I asked a Pscyhologist how could I get rid of it, and she said by exposure. She say I should just stare at the photos until I get bored. She said at first you're going to feel the fear then it'll come down. And each time you look at it, you'll feel fearful but not as high as previously. So overtime as you look, your fear will decrease and you will eventually get over. So I have been doing it and I honestly feel so much better. Of course it's scary in the beginning, but if you want to truly get over it, begin now. Good Luck!

  6. I agree I think occasional exposure would desensitized the effects of this terrible fear. I have suffer ed from this all my life and I am glad I now know what it is.