Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello Again

Blog blog blog…this blog of mine…well, its been more than a year I even visited my blog. I completely lost track of writings and even bloggers. Tonight, or should I say this morning here I am landing from a search of clue for a sermon. Sermon, mmm.. well it sounds so BIG for me because it’s going to be my first ever delivery of any kind of sermon. I was so nervous and I initially refused to accept their request. Nonetheless I thought I cannot escape this kind of thing all the time and time will come when I have to stand in the podium, so I finally agreed to accept the request. I thought I still have sometimes to think of what to deliver. I thought to myself it has got to be ‘something’ since its going to be my first time and I cannot afford to forget this special event. So, I earnestly prayed that He’ll give me something. However, only three more days ahead and still left empty. On the top of that, there are lot of things going on around to steal my mind and body. I finally sat down to prepare at least something. I opened ‘Google’ web page hoping that it would give me some kind of clue for my preparation. I came across one blog which finally make me want to visit my long lost Blog. I doubted I even remember my I.D and password. Lucky, I tapped them correct in my first attempt. That’s how I am now.


  1. WELCOME BACK!!! We missed you :) Hoping to see lots of updates from now on.

  2. Hey, welcome back. I va reh rei ve.. :-)